4 Types of Academic Writing You Should Know About-2022

May 10, 2022

There are four main types of non-creative academic writing, namely Analytical, Persuasive, Critical, and Descriptive. An academic essay might employ one type of writing or a combination of more than one. Each writing type with its own unique style is tailored to different types and parts of essays.

An essay writer has to hone his writing skills on all the various forms of academic writing, as the essay is most of the time a combination of all four types.


The descriptive writing concerns itself with providing the reader with information about the subject. Using this type of writing you will define a topic, concept, or idea, while also allowing you to identify various types and parts of the subject at hand.

The descriptive writing can be found in every part of the essay. It is employed to give background information about the subject in the introduction. It is also used in providing further description of the topic sentence as well as introducing the evidence and examples to the readers in each body paragraph.


The analytical phase is a step forward from the descriptive. In that, it not only describes the various categories and types but uses it to analyze the subjects’ internal relationships or the relationship they have with others.

It involves a reorganization of information in categories and groups to come forth with modes of comparing, contrasting, and analyzing the subject matter. Mostly analytical writing helps your reader get to know the subject through exploring its relationships. To come up with a strong analysis you will have to spend time and effort brainstorming about the subject and finding new ideas and connections to work on or you can take help from the professional essay writer.


An essay doesn’t have to be a purely persuasive one to have the element of persuasive writing in it. Persuasive writing can be found in the discussion part of most of the essays as well as in the concluding phase.

Also, this writing genre goes builds upon the descriptive and analytical process to produce a recommendation or an opinion about the subject. It evaluates the work by reflecting ideas against the information and the dynamics of the subject and comes up with a claim that is then supported by evidence.

Here you settle on a point of view by going through various interpretations and ideas that are present and exploring each one’s implications. You then analyze the various point of views and their take on the subject, while also evaluating the evidence or you can hire expert essay writer for help.


Critical writing is central to advanced essays and will come in handy in your further studies. It is the last step of pondering over a subject in academic research. Here you are supposed to not only talk about your point of view or a single point of view but discuss various views and merit them accordingly.

Critical writing allows you to scrutinize various works and theories, and form an opinion about their strengths and weaknesses while submitting an alternate theory or opinion.

This advanced style of writing includes each and every other writing type in developing and forming a persuasive argument or claim that is supported by strong analysis and evidence.

In order to write it, you will have to have a strong essay organization and plan with an in-depth knowledge through research that is related to the subject.

These writing techniques will not only help you with your essays but will allow you with your research writing and other academic works. No matter what essay writing you produce, you will have to work on the basics of writing the essay including the research and outlining phase— which merits more effort and time as you go into advanced writing and you can also consult with the free essay writer.

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